Waterproof versus water-resistant

img-20161212-wa0006Many people ask the question to themselves when looking at the label in jackets or trousers: “what is the difference between water resistance and waterproof?” And it can get a little confusing.

Let’s just get this answer straightened out – so no longer will you be pondering over clothing unsure of the different levels of water resistance.


The outer fabric of the jacket will keep you dry in the light rain and has been treated with a coating that resists water, but does not have a hydro-static head rating – which is a garment’s waterproof rating. The jacket or trousers are likely to have no tape seams, so after time water will seep through and you will get wet.

This is very similar to showerproof and doesn’t have a hydro-static head. Water-resistant means however the jacket will have a waterproofing repellent coating applied to the outer fabric to prevent absorption of water –  letting it just run off but it will not be a fully taped seamed. It’s always best to check all the stats on the jacket before purchasing. A lot of soft-shell jackets tend to be water-resistant & wind-proof.

This means the jacket or trousers are fully waterproof with a waterproof coating to the outer fabric with fully taped seams. Waterproof means that there won’t be one single drop of water that enters the interior.  Think of a balloon, completely sealed off from the outside world.

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